The Team

#1 – Andrew “Limey” Webb


"Limey" started flying with the British RAF as a cadet at the age of 13, flew his first jet at 17 and achieved his goal of becoming an instructor at 22.

#2 – Doug “Bones” Madore

Eagle #2

"Bones" joined the team in May 2017, but has owned a Yak 52 for many years! He learned to fly from his Father (and aerobatic author), Art Madore at 16 years old.

#3 – Darrell “Condor” Gary

Eagle #3

"Condor" was a USN fighter pilot for 11 years, completing 4 combat tours in South East Asia with over 500 carrier landings and 170 combat missions.

#4 – Pete “Pester” Hooper

Eagle #4

"Pester" joined the team towards the end of 2016.

#5 – Mark “Flex” McKinnon

Eagle #5; Acro #2

"Flex" joined the team in 2014 and flies in the #5 position, #2 in aerobatics.